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Our Story


My Background

From a young girl, I have always had a creative side. Growing up baking with my grandparents, spending time with my family and learning the very basics sparked my love for baking. I would make birthday cakes for family and friends, improving my skills along the way and trying new things!

Gaining Experience

Aged 15, I went to The Cake Shop (Oxford, covered market) for 3 days work experience. Working with the team and getting a taste of the work had me fall completely in love with cake decorating and baking all over again! I was lucky enough to work in both the Oxford and Banbury shop for just over 3 years. 


The Start Of It All

With gained experience and a strong passion for decorating, aged 20 I decided to start Cakes By Em. Friends and family encouraged me to show my skills and have a place to display my work, so with that I started a simple Facebook page. My customer base started to grow from family and friends to returning customers in and around Oxfordshire. 

4 Years On

4 years on Cakes By Em has become my full time job. It’s an absolute dream of mine to have and run my own business in the comfort of my own home! My customers, new and returning mean the world to me, your support doesn’t go unnoticed. 


The Cake Room

During lockdown 2020 I have been lucky enough to expand Cakes By Em, converting my garage into ‘The Cake Room’. It truly is a dream to have been able to get to this place, all from a little spark of interest and a lot of determination. Click below to follow the process of building and to see a full room tour our new Youtube Channel!

Building The Cake Room

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